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I left a box of tomatoes on the patio table and Gata figured this was her box! She pushed the tomatoes aside and made herself comfortable.

.Ok   Know Owns Looking, K goo!. Man I'm not going down there, You Goo, No,No Lets Get Mikey  He Like's Too Doo Every Thing.>:

How to create chaos: fill a bathtub full of curious kittens, turn water on.this is funny because Duchess has become quite fond of hanging out in the bathroom and adventuring in the tub

Monk Chanting with Kittens. Photograph by Rob Kroenert, who says: "I didn't see the kittens at first--they only popped up when they heard the sound of my camera."

Monk chanting with kittens - Photo by Rob Kroenert. Kroenert wrote: "A monk chanting in a monastery near Nyuangshwe, Myanmar (Burma). I didn't see the kittens at first - they only popped up when they heard the sound of my camera.

gsfrenchshabbylife:Chef kitty :)

self-satisfied le chef kitty on the recipe board- you knew it had to happen ^.