I love Wiress but when I see that hair I almost think she is awesomer than Donkey Kong!

#EffieBarbie's first Paris photobomb.

Effie Barbie photobombing Elizabeth Banks in Paris

OFFICIAL: Subway teams up with Lionsgate for Catching Fire promotion. TheHungerGamers.net | Home Fansite of the Hunger Games Fans

SUBWAY and Lionsgate Team Up For The Hunger Games: Catching Fire. I cant even believe it because these are like my 2 favorite things ever

In a interview with MTV, Woody Harrelson shares his thoughts on the script for CATCHING FIRE and new director Francis Lawrence. "Francis had asked me if I had studied PTSD post-traumatic stress disorder and I actually did in college. I was a psychology minor. So I met a guy who has PTSD in Maui," Harrelson said. "You know, I like the way Francis is very thorough, very on top of everything. I thought Gary did an incredible job with the first one, but I do think Francis is going to do great."

Woody Harrelson loves Catching Fire Script, gets to go "Full Haymitch"

Win a trip to a global premiere of The Hunger Games: Catching Fire

One lucky fan and a friend will get the chance to meet the stars live and in person at the Los Angeles premiere on November

Victors village

Victors' Village

District 3 Beetee

Exclusive 'Catching Fire' Posters: Meet Wiress And Beetee!