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Bottega делле Стелле «фирмы La Bottega делле Стелле

Clay fish on sticks. What about air dry clay (for those of us without kilns). Paint and stain dried clay, mount on solid copper wire, in wood base, painted to match fish, or water.

24 Elegant Ceramic Decorations Showcasing Delicacy

Garden Bells- Michelle Quan’s stoneware bells and tree garlands carry a meditative, weighty spirit within them.

Hand Rolled and Cut Porcelain Tiles/Coasters/Trivets in Pastels with Fern..(Nature Series)

Ceramic Pastel Botanical Tile with Fern.Hand by persimmonstreet


Turn this upside down- use shibori technique to replace green / then screenprint placement print as the dots & leaves

Everyday objects with a simple sketch via http://instagram.com/cintascotch

Everyday Objects Melded With Simple Illustrations. Javier Perez uses pins for his doodle of a Hedgehog.

Fawn - Original Watercolor Painting 12" x 6" || VibrantBrushStrokes on Etsy

Elephant, animal art, wildlife, purple, Fawn- Original Watercolor Painting by Julie Hill via Etsy.

When to use Magic Water?  It's used when the bond between two pieces of clay is a suspect for cracking during drying or bisque firing. Cracks can occur in the following conditions: When one piece of clay dries faster than the other which typically occurs when it has a smaller mass or thinner than the other piece (e.g., a mug handle).  When one clay piece is applied to another piece that is already a dryer leather-hard.

Magic water solution: How to make Magic Water - Recipe? 1 gallon of water 3 table spoons of liquid sodium silicate (where to buy) 1 teaspoons of soda ash (where to buy) Magic water solution Soda ash powder form sodium silicate

Marionetas y muñecos para stop motion, para jugar o para admirar!

These strange little creatures are called ‘mooks’. found on etsy shop called My Grey Sky, run by an artist who uses the name grey skies.

Helaina Sharpley, artist in wirework wall art pieces of edwardian architecture and tea drinking