Action Comics # 124

Action Comics - September Cover Pencils by Wayne Boring & Inks by Stan Kaye

As the Thunder God patrols the city he over hears a radio news report about Pedro Luis Lopez, a prominent civil rights leader had been shot. Knowing of Lopez's work, Thor decides that he should do what he can to save Lopez's life, but not as Thor however, but Donald Blake. Flying to the hospital where Lopez is being treated, Thor transforms back into the form of Donald Blake and offers his assistance as a surgeon to the doctors on staff that are treating Lopez. The doctors are increas...

Thor Vol 1 171

The Mighty Thor 171 Thor VS the Wrecker Silver age Marvel comics group this is one of the rare thor 1969

Detective Comics #217

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Marvel Comics Group The Invaders #5 in Collectibles, Comics, Bronze Age…

Marvel Comics Group The Invaders #5

TOS #80

Captain America: He Who Holds the Cosmic Cube - An absolute classic. The first appearance of the Red Skull after Cap's de-freezing and the first appearance of the Cosmic Cube.

Mike Kaluta

Detective Comics - The Spook That Stalked Batman ; Riddle of the Red-Handed Robber!