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Aus dem Buch Falttechnik

Aus dem Buch Falttechnik



Three Stage, Spherical, Semi-Spherical SML, Ellipsoid, ... A4 size base, paper t=178μm, 157g/m2

The Art of Paper Cut Kirigami Kirigami is the variation of origami (origami is the paper folding ).Kirigam is the different from origami. Mean of kirigami is paper cut (from japanese kiru meani

paper art

Wet folded watercolour paper by Richard Sweeney -- White

Eight Emperors Eight Emperors is a stunning new collection of handmade works from Ann Arbor-based husband-and-wife team Matthew Shlian and Thea Augustina Eck. Walking the line between art and design, the pieces range from intricately cut and folded paper sculptures to palm-sized objects crafted from local, fallen lumber—and Shlian tells us ceramics are coming soon.

Eight Emperors


prototype for new piece.