A Photographer Takes Stunning Portraits Of The Indigenous Maori People

portrait of a maori man, polynesian cultural center, laie, hawaii | © art wolfe

Portrait of a Maori man, Polynesian Cultural Center, Laie, Hawaii by Art Wolfe - The Maori tribe of New Zealand

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I've always thought this tattoo was badass.

Everything is a tattoo. The garter with the lace hearts and black lace. But the tat gun is not part of the tattoo. Too cool.

Yeah, whatever, I have a big crush on The Rock. So what.

The Rock Tattoos - WWE Superstar Dwayne Johnson Tattoo Pictures - Chopper tattoo website design

Love the placement

Wasnt always a fan of tats on women. I mean, why detract from the beauty of the female form with what amounts to graffiti? Then, my feelings changed. There is graffiti, and then there is graffiti thats art. This is ART.

this is super trashy, but i secretly want it anyway. in calee pink on my shoulders / collarbone \\

Tattoo, I've always said I was gonna get leopard or cheetah skin tatted on me. I like the way this is so bold and stands out.

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Polynesian Tattoo For my tattoo: the little "houses" detail, maybe add in something like the sun symbol (top left) as well?

Polynesian back tattoo. absolutely stunning!

Polynesian art & culture has a great influence on modern body art & tattoos. Here is list of top 10 Polynesian tattoo designs that depict ancient Polynesian history

Harry Potter Hogwarts tattoo                                                                                                                                                                                 Plus

Delicate and beautiful tattoos inspired by children's books

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