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i saw two people wearing tøp shirts yesterday and this is what i felt like

Tyler!!! DAN HOWELL (dan is not on fire)!!!!!! PHIL LESTER (amazing phil) Troye Sivan Pewdiepie

sunglasses$0 on

Pewdiepie Danisnotonfire Amazing Phil Tyler Oakley Shane Dawson Anthony Padilla but where's markimoo?

Basically Dan. I though it described me pretty well too. I relate to Dan way too much

My sister and I were just talking about that as we watched dan and Phil Games last night.

How have I not seen this picture until now?<<They are such good people Asdfghjkl

Dan & Phil Helping Anthony--this is so cool, though, shows their amazing friendship :) (Also God dammit Anthony don't get drunk!

Josh's profile pic made me very confused I didn't know if he was a man or a women

Josh > everyone. Fast food greasy taco I love<<one time I was supposed to bring an "ethnic food" and I just brought Taco Bell

。・°°• death inspires me like a dog inspires a rabbit ; lareinamiffy •°°・。

I wish I could say the Same<<< yeah be careful cause if you do, then Tyler will come crashing through your window and will say "Git ur own fren." But of that was rly true, then I'd say that all the time so I could just meet Tyler over and over again