Ethan and Luke by BrunaGonda

Being a demigod isn't easy. "Family Luke, you promised." It isn't fai… Fanfiction

It will never happen

Jason and Nico (ps I absolutely do not ship Nico with anyone but Will Solace) omg Nico's face!

what are those whale sobbing noises on the background? oh, just me forever crying over every single AU in which Bianca is still alive and Nico is happy. It’s ironic how happy!Nico things are also actually the saddest Nico things:[

Ohmygoodnessohmygoodness Viria did another if-Bianca-was-still-alive / happy!Nico and my heart! Oh my heart! *doesn't know if a happy smiley or a sad smiley goes here*<<<my heart, literally jump out of my chest.

MWAHAHA I have read it, so I know the answer. But I will not say since some of you don't even have the book yet! Sorry guys :( I feel your pain.

It was an amazing book. <--- I hope Leo sees Calypso again!

crown of ptolemy fan art - Google-Suche

The Crown of Ptolemy (Realizations by Winter-Rymes on DeviantArt)<<<< Percy, your pen returns to your pocket!

this part was so sweet…. everyone please be nice to nico always | art by ghostbeam

Will is getting a bit feisty! And if you haven't finished BoO yet then you have issues so deal.