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Katsushika Ōi ( Daughter of Katsushika Hokusai). 19th C. japan.


Cherry Blossom in the Night 夜桜図 by Katsushika Oui 葛飾応為, a daughter of Katsushika Hokusai. (Lady, writing or drawing in poor light will really be bad for your eyes!

島成園「おんな」  1917(大正6)年  1917 "Woman" garden island formation year (Taisho 6)

, August 1878 – March was the pseudonym of a Nihonga artist and the leading master of the bijinga genre in Taishō and Showa period Japan. His real name was Kaburagi Kenichi.

Hishida Shunsō (Hishida Shunsō) "cat in bamboo"

Cat under a Plum Tree, Hishida Shunsō Tap the link for an awesome selection cat and kitten products for your feline companion

速水御舟「炎舞」 もっと見る

Hayami Gyoshu "Dancing in the Flames" I first saw it in this great book, filled with similar art from the same period: Contemporary Japanese-style painting by Tanio Nakamura

Canal Under the Moonlight | Shoda Koho, Japan 庄田耕峰

【日本の機微】心が静かに揺れる「夜影を照らす月」たち。明治の浮世絵画家・庄田耕峰(Shoda Koho) が素晴らしい

i love his paint since i was high school….feel very comfortable when i see it. design, color,and be well composed. everything perfect! he is genius!!!   i want to live here!   i lov…


drawpaintprint: “ Second half century by artist Ito Jakuchu Japan ”