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English teacher parties - Loose parts

The games get pretty crazy at English teachers' parties. Grammar Humor Pin the apostrophe on the ITS

11 Reasons Millennials Are The Best Generation Yet

Funny pictures about What if I told you. Oh, and cool pics about What if I told you. Also, What if I told you.

funny mom kids losing minds

10 Fresh Mom Memes Today! #6 Every Mom on Christmas Day.

When you gotta connect with Jesus so you don't do anything stupid parents parent parenting parent quotes parent humor parenthood


However, extinction burst occurs less than half of the time for behaviors on extinction. (Still looking for the study showing this.

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Math humor --Librarian, "Who is putting all the Math books in the Horror section?

Happens daily in the life of a Kindergarten teacher  and First Grade as well..Funny thing is, you answer "yes dear".

I've done this so many time it's just so embarrassing. Yup like the amount of times I've called my teachers mom is not even funny ^~^

20 Humorous and Lighthearted Realities of Teaching - Teach Junkie

20 Humorous and Lighthearted Realities of Teaching

Students: if you ever want to know what a Teacher's mind feels like, imagine a web browser with tabs open. Honestly, more like 10000 tabs open