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Fire seemed to appear in her eyes when she was especially angry. So it wasn't too much of a novelty.

Fire photography captures moments of the awesome power of vapors and flames. This collection of 22 fire photography examples displays various states of it's existence and qualities, from the spark of a match to the explosion of a fireball.

During the 74th Hunger Games, the Gamemakers planned to use fire to decrease the distance between Katniss and the Career Pack.

DANCING FLAMES Fire can be so beautiful, and nothing beats a nice fire on a cold winter's day.

coffeenuts:    122/365 Beltane by david.travis on Flickr.

I am gong to pin this.even thought Fire scares me. I was traumatized by Fire but I have to face the Fear,

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"The room is round and full of light. The fire has a screen, and through narrow metal holes, carved in cunning shapes, comes a rosy glow. Rushlights burn on each wall, beside tapestries that cover windows against the cold. The tapestries here remind me of Nell’s neat croft, the arch she added to the door, and the glowing oilcloth across the holes in her walls. Like a tiny hall of a Lady or Lord, a woodland nobility. As if a queen lived there." -- from the novel Sinful Folk sinfulfolk.com. LO

Train yourself in doing good that lasts and brings happiness. Cultivate generosity, the life of peace, and a mind of boundless love. - Words of the Buddha

Knowledge is being aware that fire can burn.  Wisdom is remembering the blister.  -Leo Tolstoy

i can sit forever watching fire