Babylon 5 Starfury - one of the greatest looking fighters ever.

At last, a sci fi star fighter where the designers really did think about how it would have to move in space! A personal favorite second only to the Thunderbolt two-seater that came later in the series.

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20 Futuristic Concept Designs of the Week – April to May 2013 Telikos Protocol — Primary Hub by Adam Burn

Burdisio-Puesto de chori - copia

Alejandro Burdisio: Universo Chatarra


sci fi concept for a mod project. Basicly the premise of this piece is that in the future you can go on vacations from reality and indefinitely have your consciousness roaming cyberspace for as lon.

Nothing like the soft humming of control panels to put you to sleep.

civilianzero: larvalhex: thefairiesscareme: Mercury by Eimer Beautiful cyberpunk/futuistic bedroom. I’d love to live here :D ooohhhHh Can I live here? I want to live here very bad.


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