Badum tssss

The truth behind what you learn in history class. All American Rejects!

Connie, rose, Pearl (before her spear) and anyone else who has a sword that we don't know about


16 Beweise, dass Französisch die schrägste Sprache der Welt ist

Pizza and my favorite caffeinated beverage for the weather and I'm heading straight for the f**king rocks without a second thought.

I  wear long longs

She wears short shorts, I wear long longs. She's cheer cheerer and I'm on the sits sits.

Its my cakeday, here have a tumblr dump - Imgur

Its my cakeday, here have a tumblr dump

Im gonna try this now. I stay up all night to finish hw. don't judge me.<<< hilarious I too thought the coffee was gonna help him fix the computer

Tumblr Posts.

Hahaha as a fanfic author, it depends on the character I kill. If it's a good character I cry. If it's a character that I hate then I smile laugh and have tea with satan

"Yogurt can be fat free"

When we didn’t want to be like gross-ass yogurt anyway. (Lmao at Americans getting offended by yoghurt)

Worthy sacrifice

my roommate and their classmates are burning & sacrificing an animal cracker to pray for their greek final to be cancled.

passionate about whiteboards

lot of people are passionate about whiteboards, and also I noticed the pun strait away!

Tumblr funny

The people around me in the hallway hink I'm insane because I'm laughing so hard. Its not even that funny.