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Disneyaabend :))

spend the entire day watching disney movies with me babies

It would be the shortest series ever. Might as well put all of his experiences into one book

books, the hunger games and hunger games image on We Heart It


Bucketlist :) - London, Paris, and Rome all in one trip.

Haha omg #bucketlist

I would have to be looking out the window and see their reaction


Heart shaped pizza, so cute for a stay at home date night

yes yes yes !!!

This looks sooo fun#

Mean Girls :)

Watch Mean Girls



I've only seen one.

See a shooting star

Bucket list

Bucket list

have a dirty little secret

Have a Dirty Little Secret - check that off my list


Catch a lightning bug and put in a jar.Never let it fly away! Catch a lightning bug a put in a jar save it for a rainy day! A must do for the summer time!

Allll of it!

Bucketlist, well the first two.

pay it forward - I've done this before.  The look on their face is priceless!  (*just don't let the server tell them who paid.)

Bucket List: Pay a strangers bill- gas, groceries, dinner tab, etc. Random acts of kindness feel great to do & receive. Pay them forward!

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Remember my name ;

#kiss a #stranger #bucketlist

Kiss a stranger