Its really #awesome to see all the #indie #stars gathered here!

Here is some promo art I did for the Humble Indie Bundle V which I am SUPER happy to say Bastion is a part of! Had a TON of fun working on this . Humble Indie Bundle V

Ref ultime - Journey.  Tout est dans la compo ! Dessin épuré mais lighting ultra recherché.

"This game sucks me in every time. And when I find another player by chance in the game.they are my bff until we finish it together! So short.but captivating and enchanting.

The Kid from Bastion. Charming game.

'The Kid'. This kid is the main protagonist in Bastion. Drawn by Jen Zee, he is an incredibly detailed character in a hand drawn world.

After finishing Bastion a week or two ago (great game btw), I felt like modeling the Kid sitting on a rock that you see on the titlescreen and also on the game's "cover":

When I finished Bastion a week or two ago, I just -had- to model the little intro pic with Kid sitting on a rock, cuz I liked it a lot. Bastion: the Kid

Supergiant Games has lifted the lid on their next title, a sci-fi role-playing game called Transistor.

From Dragon Age's Isabella to Borderlands' Sasha, a look at female characters whose design is particularly effective.

THE DRIFTER by ~0tacoon on deviantART  Hyper Light Drifter, a great indie game on kickstarter to support!

Heart Machine is raising funds for Hyper Light Drifter on Kickstarter!