The graphic elements, color, and painterly quality makes for this energetic poster Beautiful! I love that they were able to mix nature and color together I like that the colorful cloud is irregular in shape but on top there is triangles that over lay it that compliment the text.

graphic elements, color, and painterly quality makes for this energetic piece Beautiful! Music Poster by nj Graphiste , via Behance

Awesome contrast, leading lines, strong colors that blend harmoniously, and decent type placement.

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Inspiration Gallery #075 – Misc. inspiration | From up North

Inspiration Gallery #075 — Misc. inspiration

Great graphics Le Festival Lovely piano key poster design graphic design inspiration love this simple design of packaging!

Graphic design inspiration | #1010

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architecturally speaking

Frank Harmon poster "architecturally speaking" / drawings, blueprints, speech bubble, right-justified type on the center

Designers love colour! The RGB spectrum we work with on our digital computers gives us the widest possible range of colour to work with, much wider than the range of hues that can be replicated in CMYK inks, but that’s not to say there aren’t some ultra bright print projects out there to admire. In …

Showcase of Creative Designs Made with Vibrant Gradients

ingredients: gradients, text on staircase, text in corners, distorted type, geometric sans serif font

low poly-style. the split makes it different, and I also like the grunge affect, whereas most I see use flat or very smooth gradients.

Imperfect Balance by Ursuleanu Daniel // illustration, graphic, geometric, sacred geometry almost

The wind rose season 13.14

The magic of numbers in graphic design posters

La Rose des Vents poster by Les Produits de l'Épicerie Great feeling produced to carry the brands image in a professional and creative direction.

Museum St. Petersburg Avant- garde

The project became a winner of Red dot award: communication design 2011 and a winner of New Museum Token design contest held by ACM (Association of cultural managers).The new visual identity of Museum of St. Petersburg Avant-garde, which is also the o…