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A Tour of Anthropologie's Earth Day 2012 Window Displays

A Tour of Anthropologie's Earth Day 2012 Window Displays

These kind of look like broken egg shell but also kind of like jellyfish and flowers (both dad and alive) I like that you get to decide what you think these are because the aren't labeled as any one thing 1/17/15

White paper shells to decorate a wall of your home. Or use real shells from farm eggs that are different colored shells.

Image from http://cdnpix.com/show/imgs/48c8c1128ceaa160a2342c99892d29a3.jpg.

Opticians Store Design // Retail Design // Shop Design // TOMS cool display - heart of sunglasses

Shop Window - Casa de Ló by Ana João

fish decor made from card cut outs - cute, interesting visual, contrasting with the old building facade, in Portugal.

fall anthropologie display

Leaf Press, Anthropologie Autumn Window Display

Dominic  Frances Bromley Scabetti, chandelier in porcelain

white fish design chandelier (porcelain) by Dominic & Frances Bromley Scabetti

6ad89ee716adbc71f3d593cc4b643635.jpg 570×570 pixels

Poissons colorés bizarre Collage Digital Sheet - Dominos 1 x 2 pouces ou de…

Lost Boys hide out and jungle decor

PHOTO BACKDROP Using only scissors/exacto knives, and adhesives, kids could design and build a habitat that encompasses their "personification" or a (habitatification) of their ongoings of their thoughts/imagination/ideas.


Muireann: An excellent idea. Would love to make a paper fish art wall somewhere in my house for my fishing family . maybe even use old wallpaper samples?