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Blutegel sind gesetzt

Blutegel sind gesetzt

Diesen Monat nehmen wir die Heilpraktik genauer unter die Lupe ... Neuraltherapie, Akupunktur, Kinesio-Taping und die Blutegeltherapie stehen diesen Monat im Mittelpunkt.

Traditional Chinese Medicine Effects on Emotion *Except that's Korean Hangul in the background, lol

What Waking Up At Different Times Of The Night Means, According To Chinese Medicine

What Waking Up At Different Times Of Night Means, According To Chinese Medicine

Whenever we notice something wrong with our body, what is the first thing that we do? We immediately go and visit the doctor. However, for every little thing, we cannot rush to the doctor. Well, what can we do then? Here’s some good news. What if we tell you that you can get rid of body pains or muscle soreness with just a clothespin?

Try Putting A Clothespin On Your Ear For Instant Relief For Any Kind Of Pain – d/scovr

Points for Shoulder and Neck Pain Relief

Points for Shoulder and Neck Pain Relief

Tap Tap Tap.... Tap Tap Tap Tap Tap.... That is all it takes to give your immune system the boost it needs to be stronger and more resilient this cold & flu season. 	Gently tapping the middle of the chest on the sternum (breastbone) helps to stimulate the thymus which is nestled in behind. Do this for a few minutes at a time throughout the day. Thymus Medical Info - Why all this tapping makes sense: 	The thymus processes a type of white blood cell known as a T-lymphocyte. These T-lymphoc...

Tap Therapy: A relaxing & protecting massage. Use the fingertips of one or both hand. Gently tap your chest three inches below your collarbone (location of your Thymus Gland) 20 times. Massage your temples in 20 slow circles. Now, gently tap…

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These acupressure / acupuncture points are used in Traditional Chinese Medicine to treat asthma and bronchitis. Explore acupressure for asthma & bronchitis.

Hand reflexology points

Acupressure Points Headaches,and other helpful tips. LI 4 and GB 38 should not be used during pregnancy as they can induce early labor.

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Good news, acupuncture fans: It really does help relieve stress. And now, a new study is giving a closer look at why. The new study explores the biological mechanisms involved in acupuncture's stress-relieving abilities, something science has yet.

5 Amazing Health Benefits of Astragalus.This herb has a long history of being used in traditional Chinese medicine.

Astragalus Root Herb- Chinese herb to stimulate the immune system and ward off illness