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This is an interesting little design. The girl is feeding her pet ballerinas. Even though it may be from an other painting, the ballerinas look like the modern photo of the girl. The whole page is taken up which is good, and the colors are bright and interesting.

10 Foolproof Reasons Why GIFs Are Indeed Art

Melbourne based designer, photographer, illustrator, animator, and collagist Hilary Faye creates animated gif collages with images culled from the internet.

Hilary Faye | there's just something about a bird poking @ this stodgy guy's ear under Yosemite's Half Dome...I don't know...call me crazy.

Something different :) Collage, mixed media , gifs and animation More - visit the artist website "My name is Hilary Faye .

The use of collage here is really nice. Taking a small object like an orange and putting it in the place of something huge, like the sun, makes this world seem small. There is a nice sense of foreground, middle ground, and background that draws the viewer through the image.

surrealism + collages = 🌞💖 would love to create something like this Collage Collective Co —

Creative director Stephen McMennamy merges his original photography to create delightfully quirky mashups. #ComboPhotos

Photos Mashed Together into Delightfully Imaginative Collages

Stephen McMennamy merges his original photography to create delightfully quirky mashups. ComboPhotos photography mashup combo fun with food mashup art

Merve Özaslan-4-Design Crush This is a collage, not street art

Merve Özaslan / Natural Act

In her series “Natural Act”, Turkish photographer Merve Özaslan makes imaginative collages mixing vintage black and white photographs with colorful landscapes and natural elements

Vintage Photo-Collages Featuring Natural Elements

Jungle City. Do something similar for 2-point perspective?

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Jerry Uelsmann

New Photo Exhibit Celebrates Photoshop

There are tree roots coming out of the house, which is unusual because there's a house above the roots, not a tree. The house with the roots are the center of interest. The lines of the roots catches my attention and leads up to the house.