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I only had my name in once, I was positive i wouldn't get picked. One other girl had her name in 32 times! I told my mother, father, and sister that I would try to win. If I didn't live there would be nothing we could do about it. I just tried to hold back the tears, although I was totally breaking down inside.

Glitter / Falling Gold Sparkles: Having a ho hum day? Power on your screen to reveal sparkling gold glitter that'll give your afternoon slump the right dose of fabulous.

Hello October

Hello October and hello to everyone who joined the board ! There is going to be a fall dance tonight at the school.

Welcome Autumn!  I always love this season and there are many reasons to enjoy it.  Take time to savor every moment of this season.

Ahhh I love fall! I love fall! I love fall! I love fall! I love fall!did i mention how much I LOVE fall!


Is it possible to find balance during the holidays? It's hard to try to keep a regular routine through the holidays with parties, shopping, baking, special services at church. Most routines go righ.