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Millionen Hühnereier sind mit dem gefährlichen Insektizid Fipronil verseucht worden.

Food fraud is big business, and as Maria Tickle writes, Australia is not immune to the problem.

This is a Polish hen.  We have four in our coop. They are very funny! by monimarin

Buff-Laced Polish Bantam IS there a chicken in there? She just makes me happy you can dust with her AND she'll lay you eggs :)

The Rooster of the Beautiful Chics of a Feathery Nature

A rooster, also known as a cockerel or cock, is a male galinaceous bird. The term usually refers to a male chicken. Immature male chickens less than one year old are called cockerels. This rooster is from Riverdale Farm, Toronto

The Effects of Sunflower Seeds on Laying Hens. BOSS or Black Oil Sunflower Seeds give great nourishment to your laying hens and of course protein. An Arucauna I believe based on the feathers that are full near its cheeks.

The Effects of Sunflower Seeds on Laying Hens

I love Roosters and chickens.got a bunch of these beauties in picture, rug, nic nacs all over my kitchen farm animals

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"I'm not a hen! "Chocolate- Cuckoo" are the color and the feather pattern- Orpington is the breed.

Rainbow Carrot Mix - six crazy colors 250 heirloom seeds, spring garden, fun for kids, non GMO by ronda

Rainbow Carrot Mix - six crazy colors, 250 heirloom seeds, spring garden, fun for kids! A fun mix of colored carrots to brighten your table and entertain your kids. Varieties are listed below.

Not dyed! From the Chocolate Flower Farm on Whidbey Island, Washington

Charmed Life: Olive Eggers--For Green Eggs and Ham! I thought this was very interesting and one of these days, I plan to have chickens, although may not care what egg color they have.

How To Raise Baby Chicks { A Beginners Guide with all the information you need to get started} Mmmm..fresh eggs!  happymoneysaver.com

How to Raise Baby Chicks - A Beginners Guide with pictures!

Happy Money Saver - Together we can all live happily "lesser" after by choosing the simple life, saving money, making freezer meals and learning to love the simple life.

Blue laced red Wyandotte- so different colours to the usually same named

Building a Chicken Coop - BEAUTIFUL! Blue-laced red Wyandotte hen Building a chicken coop does not have to be tricky nor does it have to set you back a ton of scratch.

A Handsome Rooster ~ With Two Hens ~ Amongst Daffodils.

These chickens are being nice. My chickens are banned from the daffodil garden because they eat the flowers and try to dig up the bulbs. Rooster w Daffodils

Motherly hugs

💖✨💖 Momma Hen protecting her baby chick. Just beautiful.

Growing potatoes in a laundry basket - seems like an interesting $1.00 experiment.

Growing potatoes in a laundry basket .sooooo much lazier than the way dad does it! finally--a use for broken laundry baskets and old sprouted potatoes!