annual tree - black, girl, gothic, tree

Free desktop wallpapers and backgrounds with annual tree, black, girl, gothic, tree.

butterflies around a dark misunderstood girl ;)

sing your love in sweet lips - Photo Manipulations by Liliana Sanches Davis


I love the mystery of the person holding the moth.the dark backround and spiraling light create a beautiful, dreamlike concept.

His lips worked over her jaw, down her neck. He pressed them hotly against her scars. Her need pulsed behind her eyelids, called out with every beat that brought her blood pounding through her veins, calling to him.

I am unfolding before you 20 + scary & creative Halloween costume & outfit ideas of 2014 for girls & women. Have a look at the collection and do let me know

Look at that awesome dress.

I'm making a lace/fleece black winter coat for this year. After that one dies though I want to make a red winter coat like this


I thought that a black laced veil would look quite good in relate to covering partially the face of our satanic characters.