OMG!!! That's hilarious!!!!

Naruto booty booty booty - That's not even Naruto, just a shadow clone transformation jutsu XD

I'm not really a NaruSasu fan.but this could with just to hilarious to pass on

Tobi gets a new mask by sinemoras. I'm glad to see Obito still has a soft side.

I wish it was real and we got to see Obito/Tobi like this. I have a soft spot for bad boys with a soft spot.

Yo. We all thought when it came to tobi

That was definitely my reaction though like seriosuly i spit out my water all over the place

Bad Sasuke! Oh my, this is funny yet eerily accurate... #Naruto

This is funny yet eerily accurate. Gotta say though, I think Gaara has the saddest backstory.

"Naruto... you're getting in the way of everyone's happiness." -Madara Uchiha. Everyone's perfect world

Tsunade's Tsukoyomi Dan :'( and Tenten's in her Tsukoyomi Neji is still alive :'( "Naruto. you're getting in the way of everyone's happiness.