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Vogelfedern der Art Buteo buteo (Mäusebussard)

Vogelfedern der Art Buteo buteo (Mäusebussard)

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Tyrannosaurus rex STAN Skull - Fossil Replica For a BA office piece

Sinornis | sinornis

Welcome to Keiji Terakoshi's Illustrations Gallery DOFU-AN. If you are lucky, you will find special displays, too!

Owl Skeleton by Rhabwar-Troll-stock on deviantART

This skeleton shows the different bones unique to the avian specie. Parts of the spine are fused together and the wings have a different attachment to the shoulder.

Red-Tail Hawk's first moult laid out

Red-Tail Hawk's first moult laid out

I might have already pinned this....but it's SO CAW-Some, I can't help myself!! Raven's goin' at it! by..........?????

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