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The longest toenails record belongs to Californian Louise Hollis who has managed to grow and maintain toenails that are approximately six inches long.

People with the longest finger nails. The woman didn't clip her nails since 1979. The man's nails were about 9 meters(about 30ft) long total.

seriously ever since i saw the first person like this in the guinness book of world records, that has been the thought that has ALWAYS plagued me.same thing for chicks who get ridiculously long nails put on.i just cannot wrap my mind around that.

Bolos de casamento bem diferentes

"Who wants to eat a wedding cake that looks like the bride?" (Answer: The Groom. ONLY the groom.

Awkward Glamour Shots

Cat thinking "I gotta get Dad a girlfriend!" 50 Funny Pictures Of People Posing With Their Pet Animals That Are Hilarious Page 2 of 25

Women With Long Nails  pintwist on the long nails.

‘Last picture taken of Lee Redmond, former record holder for longest fingernails with fellow American Melvin Booth, the male owner of the longest finger nails which was taken just a few months prior to her accident-Picture MUST credit GWR Book Launch


I prayed for a tattoo removal - OMG! Jesus is saying, “I love you, but you’re a moron.” People - stop getting tattoos!

I dont know why, but this makes me laugh hysterically

Meanwhile at the prom…

Funny pictures about Meanwhile at the prom. Oh, and cool pics about Meanwhile at the prom. Also, Meanwhile at the prom.

The lovely one big holey toenail is just the right touch!

Its not just the freakish toenails that bother me its also the stuffed bears face that shes stomping on.The whole things creepy!

Pam Horn, too bad we cant recreate this one for your wedding tomorrow, LMAO!

Really Bad Wedding Pics

The makings of a perfect redneck wedding.Pregnant bride smoking a cigarett in flip flops, Goom with a mullet, flannel cut off shirt with ripped jeans holding a beer and a dog as best man! Too Funny!

Why Would Anyone Pay to Look Like This? People Are So Weird

The Internet is full of over-photoshopped selfies and glamour shots. It is also full of people who will find these embarrassing photos and immortalize them forever.

Meanwhile at Walmart... a guy walks his  pet alligator.

New part of photos of funny and strange people in WalMart. New part of photos of funny and strange people in WalMart. Previous parts: People Of WalMart. Part 1 pics) People Of WalMart.


Nails are considered to be the finishing touch to an outfit and thus nail trends are not only limited to colour choices according to season as nail shapes play an equally important role to complement …