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Two elves from the nomadic tribe Elonthyr on the northern Giant plain close to the Land above is out on a hunt.

Marko Djurdjevic

m Barbarian shield Sword-of-jehammed Final by Marko-Djurdjevic on deviantART

The siblings Harael and Sailana Launanir, the later with her soulfriend the light dragon Gefuni Eviunir, live different lives.

I´m now officially finished with Drakar och Demoner: Retro! Now it´s a race towards the finish with Nordiska Gudar - my upcoming book abou.

Drakar och Demoner: Trudvang Mittländare / Midlanders

Haanja Ferthason and her father Haldar both serve in the army of the country Fennur west of the Long coast ridge.

Noget gråtrold, måske?

The troll Karth Harrandok is a skillful mage (mainly the animal, earth, mind and sound lores) in a forest in the Green giant valley that commands his many little friends to attack the intruders.


Mihwyn and Tamvin Nesyanni are members of the Zathrael tribe that live in the wast White forest in the northernmost of Parino, close to the Land of evil.


Brenoch Adams- Zombie wielding a torch and large spiked weapon. Accompanied by black birds.