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ArtStation - Paragon - Grim.exe, Mike Kime

exe Concept Art : Mike Kime / Herman Ng Model : Mike Kime I came up with the original concept for Grim. Then Herman Ng revised it and made it sick and also match to new needs of the project.


ArtStation - Paragon character Riktor color concept and ability concepts, Herman Ng


Unused Female Decepticon “Widow Maker” - Concept Art from Transformers: Age of Extinction.

ArtStation - Probe-bot, Niles Doubleday

small nimble probe-type robot designed for a personal project, I wanted a robot to print for my desk.

Paragon New Hero Revealed  Countess

New Hero Reveal: CountessWe’d like to introduce you to the latest Hero. We call this burst casting vampire… Countess. You’ll be able to play Countess starting Tuesday, October