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Beautiful backyard pond

Natural Pool - designed by Peter Nitsche, with large, smooth granite boulders and a sandy bottom - surrounding landscape design is Rose Kliass (in Preta Beach, Cape Verde).

In general these natural pools provide all the great amenities of a regular pool without having to use chlorine to treat the water.  Chlorine is a toxic chemical and has been found to cause severe asthma in children as well as several other skin and health problems including breast cancer.

A natural swimming pool (or 'natural swimming pond' the terms mean the same) consists of two zones – a deep, central swimming area, and a shallower surrounding area with plants which are specially chosen to purify the water.

Stunning Navagio Beach of Zakynthos, Greece

Hidden Beach Marieta Islands, off the coast of Puerto Vallarta, Mexico--Went here during my Honeymoon at Costa Azul Adventure Resort

Penydarran & Galon Uchaf  Merthyr Tydfil

Penydarran & Galon Uchaf Merthyr Tydfil