Yepper'!... & Coffee actually does taste awhole lot betta without undergarments on! .....(((Giggles!))

I don't mind company. I mind annoying, complaining, bitching, nagging people ruining my first, second or third cup of coffee. Serve yourself a tall glass of stfu and sit on a bed of nails while I drink my coffee in peace.

I don't allow myself to drink this much coffee lol but when I was younger I did! Yikes!

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Drink Your Coffee ☕

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10 Signs You Have A Coffee Addiction

10 Signs You Have A Coffee Addiction

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I have an admitted addiction to coffee. I do not apologize for my addiction for it keeps my sanity and ensures the safety of others!

I love hot drinks! All year round ☕️ more of a tea gal than coffee though

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