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Η Αργεντινή έκλεψε τη φανέλα της Εθνικής μας!!!!!Αυτό ποιος θα το φέρει στη Βουλή;;;

When Zagorakis was left 'smiling like an idiot'

Allan Savory, Grazing Saves the Earth

Someone Give This Man A Nobel Prize Already. He’s Going To Save The Planet!

Allan Savory’s TED talk is wrong, and the benefits of holistic grazing have been debunked.

▶ Retired FBI Agent on Child Sex Trafficking Snuff Rings in U.S., Ted Gunderson on Franklin Coverup - YouTube

Retired FBI Agent on Child Sex Trafficking Snuff Rings in U., Ted Gunderson on Franklin Coverup

Chemtrails, l’intervention télévisée du premier chef d’état interdisant le gazage de sa population | Stop Mensonges

Correa et les chemrails .

Before 1942, American children pledged allegiance to the flag with the Bellamy Salute so named after Francis Bellamy who wrote the pledge of allegiance in 1892. Worried that it might be confused with the Nazi's Roman salute, Congress changed the salute to simply placing a hand over the heart.

Students pledging allegiance to the American flag with the Bellamy salute. It was replaced with today’s ‘hand-over-heart’ salute during World War II, since it looked similar to the gesture used by Adolf Hitler’s Nazis.

I disappeared for a few days after the election of a man who espoused racism, xenophobia and misogyny as the reasons to vote for him. His actual policy proposals were threadbare and, if he really b…

Campaign Action It's as though official and former official Washington D. is quietly shouting out "don't let this happen," as the reality of Donald Trump sinks in deeper and deeper. Case in point, the National Security Agency.

Cloud seeding has been done perfectly openly since the 1950s in many countries around the world.

❥ Cloud seeding to continue, Met Department clarifies~ Filepic of Royal Malaysian Air Force personnel conducting cloud seeding operations… aka, CHEMTRAILS