Sherlock Holmes

59 Times Sherlock Didn’t Understand That John Wanted His Smokin’ Hot Bod (and One Time He Finally Figured It Out)

"It’s #Sherlock Saturday ! My favourite shot of Benedict" -- by photographer Ian Derry

ianderry: “It’s Saturday ! My favourite shot of Benedict ” Gorgeous! Such an amazing use of light & shadows in these pictures.

Mind Palace...

"essmaaa: “I need to go to my mind palace” digital painting, tablet+ps, reference photo from “A Study in Pink”." Yeah, okay, but to me it looks like Sherlock's getting ready to regenerate.

Sherlock ~ Benedict Cumberbatch

THE sherlock coat, leather gloves, unseen scarf, and slim cut trousers. Mystery and sex appeal in one tall british package.

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Martin using Amanda's back to sign autographs. #setlock <----- that's love for you ;-)

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This made me smile - Martin using Amanda's back to sign autographs.<-----they are like the cutest couple EVER.

Sherlock Fan Art

No Pulse by ctyler on DeviantArt- I promised myself only pictures- but then I saw this and I thought it was amazing!