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Great Point

Great Point

Homophobia: The fear that another man will treat you like you treat women.<< I agree with the post but I would like clarify men also get raped.

Dentro de poco podrías leer un libro como 'Harry Potter' en menos de 90 minutos

Dentro de poco podrías leer un libro como 'Harry Potter' en menos de 90 minutos

You can read up to 500 words per minute. This is awesome, I actually understood the words at 500 wpm.

only in dutch..

gezellig (adj) cozy, nice, inviting, pleasant, comftorable; connoting time spent with loved ones or togetherness after a long seperation.

Yes, I am a bit of an egalitarian sometimes

True Equality

This is feminism. We are not all 'man haters'. We are not all extremists. Feminism may start with 'Fem' but it's purpose is gender equality. Not only for one gender but for all of them. The sexism that hurts women, also hurts men.

Anne Frank, MLK, 1929. Writing Prompt #history here's more: http://izismile.com/2014/01/20/famous_people_who_share_a_birth_year_15_pics.html

I've never thought of that...

Anne Frank and Dr. born in the same year.I think people just do this because Anne Frank died so young, she was only ever alive up until the whereas Martin Luther King Jr.

An interesting point on this. When I see that in media and/or stories it is treated as romantic, sexy, and funny. Not how it actually is: annoying and rude.

Yes, another reason why romantic comedies typically suck. Blatantly trivializing and promoting dismissive behavior towards another's feelings should not merit an affectionate or sexual response. <<< all these tropes just make me sick.