Just when you thought you'd seen enough Sherlock otter pictures. There is never enough Sherlock otter pictures.

And of course, hedgehogs that look like Martin Freeman.

Dr. John Watshog

Because of reasons: Otter Benedict Cumberbatch and Hedgehog Martin Freeman. Edit: I might start to include other animals, but not to worry, there will still be a focus on otters and hedgehogs.

Sherlock Animals - Imgur

Sherlock Animals

So we all know that Benedict Cumberbatch/Sherlock is an Otter… And that Martin Freeman/John . sherlock martin freeman Benedict Cumberbatch john watson hedgehog rabbit bbc sherlock andrew scott watson jim moriarty moriarty james m

Introvert protagonist

"Never the nice quiet life." I'm happy he never has the quiet life, Martin goes on the best adventures♥♥♥

Where do I pin this? I love crossover

"I fill a small position in the Ministry of Magic." "He IS the Ministry of Magic.

221b-benedict-cumberbatch:   high-functioning-introvert:  candi-trap:  My dash did a thing.  a sign from God  omg, this is awesome

high-functioning-introvert: candi-trap: My dash did a thing. a sign from God omg, this is awesome<< ☺️they are so pretty

Oakencrossover #14: Sherlock Holmes by *PeckishOwl on deviantART

I simply adore the Sherlock and Lord of the Rings crossover pictures!<<<these are from the Hobbit

I otter remember this guy's name...from Sherlock...He played Spock...He was in Tinker Tailor too...I got nuthin...off to Google...sigh..Okay, I'm back! Benedict Cumberpatch. I'll forget that in one minute. Sheesh

Is Benedict Cumberbatch only famous to nerds?

so its a stretch for Steampunk ferrets but hilarious nonetheless! "Otters Who Look Like Benedict Cumberbatch. Because let's face it, what otter doesn't want to be Sherlock Homes?" I don't know who this guy is but it made me laugh.

I should not be laughing this hard. You know some actors would wear something different or wear a hoodie and sunglasses to cover their face to get away from them but not Benedict he puts a napkin on his face!! Lol :3

Well Done, Benedict

Paparazzi:have you seen benedict around here somewhere?, Benedict:no sir, sorry but im just a napkin. Other paparazzi in the background:aw man I swear I saw him.

I like how the Mentalist (an incarnation of the character Sherlock Holmes) can shed light on the BBC version that we've all gone nuts over. ;D

*Gasp* I totally forgot about that episode of The Mentalist. This could work for Sherlock (granted The Mentalist is a modern day Sherlock.