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The excuses for sexual harassment/assault don't work with any other crime. So why do people accept them with misogyny?

If you change the subject, the way our culture treats rape is ridiculous!

Owl’s inspirations

Some Helpful Life Hack Tips, Let's Make Life Great Again!

Not sure if to place it under animals or quotes, be that's an awesome owl

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This is one of my favorite posts ever. I'm laughing too hard at this


Funny pictures about Common Accident. Oh, and cool pics about Common Accident. Also, Common Accident photos.

what's the difference between yogurt and America?

When we didn’t want to be like gross-ass yogurt anyway. (Lmao at Americans getting offended by yoghurt)

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Dying at the hashtags

28 Pictures That Will Make You Laugh Way Harder Than You Should. I laughed so hard at this I started crying

It takes a while to scroll- but it's worth it-Pictures  caught at the right moment :-)

Some photos taken at the perfect time