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he sees you. HE SEES YOU. H E S E E S Y O U ! ! ! Mads Mikkelsen. By schazya

Mads Mikkelsen - howishughdancyevenpossible: “ mresundance: “ current sexual orientation: this gif ” He’s looking into my eyes and he’s telling me he knows…. ” he just took all the fangirl souls with that one look UGH and UNF GIIIIRRRL

Mads Mikkelsen

wrathofthestag: “ currently-obsessed-with-mads: “ “Mads having a Hannibal’s haircut, wearing a poker shirt. ” Too small but still… ” (Only instead of a bat, it’s a picture of.

ニニ (@MadsStm1122) | Twitter

ニニ (@MadsStm1122) | Twitter

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洋画/海外ドラマ/hannibal/#save hannibal/mads mikkelsen/hugh dancy/etc...

Mads & Hannibal — How would you like to be remembered? Depending on.

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「mads mikkelsen suit」の画像検索結果

「mads mikkelsen suit」の画像検索結果