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How Bad Ass! Check out K9 Dog Liaka and the amazing control her handler has! Just Bad Ass!

26 Awesome Photos of War Dogs Showing How Badass and Cute They Can Be

For important missions, military dogs are often assigned to handlers to ensure the task at hand is completed as smoothly as possible. Here, Liaka waits alongside handler Staff Sgt. Christopher Ogle for further instruction.

all service dogs go to heaven 24 All service dogs go to Heaven HQ Photos)

BART, The Nave Seal Dog who died with most of the members of Seal Team 6... What a great Dog

In Memory Of Bart a True American Hero War Dog. Thank you Bart, for sacrificing your life in service to our country. I'd like to introduce Bart. He's the heroic working dog killed in action with 22 Navy SEALs

National Guard soldiers from New York were reunited Wednesday with a stray dog and her seven puppies who had become "part of the family" while they were stationed in Afghanistan.

Afghan vets reunited in NY with 8 battlefield dogs. DONATE to have soldiers reunited with dogs they befriended.

Buddy, the first seeing eye dog

7 Legendary Animals To Honor On Labor Day

"Buddy" Fortunate Fields made history in when he became the first seeing eye guide dog in the U. He made her worldwide debut with he.

Lucca, Heroine Marine Dog Who Lost Her Leg In Afghanistan Awarded Top Honor For Valor

Hero Marine Dog Who Lost Her Leg In Afghanistan Awarded Top Honor For Valor

Adorable bull terrier helped a guy get over being dumped on his birthday: Jimmy the bull terrier