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Being real, is not something you can teach. We can weed out the fake people with ease.

FAQ What are the specific birthstones for Capricorn ? – Capricorn birthstones are amethyst and cat eye crystal What are Capricorn birthstone colors?

Yeah! Specially people wonder how could be I am so strong and havnt broken into pieces yet.

Specially people wonder how could be I am so strong and havent broken into pieces yet.

Don't offend a Capricorn...

Capricorns hold very serious grudges when someone says something offensive about them.Do not ever assume anything about a Cap.

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So true, it's tge volcano!♡Capricorns get real quiet when upset. We let it build up, then explode when we have had enough. And it's an ugly sight. LEAVE US ALONE!

Get lost NarcoPath! Real men do exist & they don't punish a woman for being Strong, Intelligent, Emotional, Venerable... these ARE qualities, not weaknesses.

Actually every man has three options. The THIRD option is if you are too much of a pussy to stand up and take care of a woman, then back off, get the fuck out of the way and let us take care of shit OURSELVES- BECAUSE WE DAMN SURE CAN.