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Ein Tag mit liberianischen Freimaurern | VICE | Deutschland

Photographer Conor Beary ended up in Monrovia, visiting his girlfriend's family, and wound up with an invite to a largely secretive annual celebration.

This is just ridiculous, BUT... my favorite symbol might be 28) Knight of the Sun. How freaking cheerful is THAT?

Masonic symbol (compass, square, and rule). "The Masonic Ring symbol is just a disguised Pentagram with both the "Good" [lucifer] and "Evil" [satan] stars represented.

Freemasonry Chart - Structure of Freemasonry

The word Freemasonry is a set of very different historical and social phenomena forming a space of sociability that recruits its members by cooptation and practice initiation rites referring to a secret Masonic and the art of building.

Hidden Hand - Masonic Pose -Hand Signals of Freemasonry illuminati satanists. Even low level freemasons don't know the real truth about Freemasonry (they also lie to them) which is...it's worship of Lucifer (satan) and the aim is sadistic New World Order...https://youtu.be/nNKCHgAldIw (about masonry> 41.30 min.)

Hidden Hand - Masonic Pose -Hand Signals of Freemasonry illuminati satanists. Hidden Hand = they direct the world's events from behind the scenes.

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