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Dog Chained for 10 Years Finally Gets Rescued (VIDEO) // this hurts my heart more than I will ever be able to say. I will never understand why people have pets and then keep them outside. They urinated on her! Tears for Judith. Some happy. Mostly sad for the 10 years of cold, hungry hurt she endured. If you see this ever - do something. Step up. Save the animal from this.
When you buy a dog at Petland or any other pet store, you are supporting THIS. Yes, they will lie to you and say the pup is from a reputable breeder. Learn more at
Meeka wanted one thing her entire life, and on the last day she was alive, she got it. Click to read more. #Dogs #Dog #Pets
Scared Homeless Dog Has The Rescue Of A Lifetime! Her Transformation Will Melt Your Heart <3
From Camden, AR: Mike the Pit bull had a sad life. He is in need of a foster or an adoption Click to read his story. For more info about Mike, call, text, or email Ellen Tutt, at 870 818-0411, or
? Dog Care Tips ?  How to help your dog in an emergency (Vet Tech Tips)
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