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Awesome candles

Succulent candles – Light up a garden soiree with these hand crafted candles

Armadilla Wax Works cactus candles

The Cactus Candle collection is an old favorite - we have been making these candles for over 25 years. Even though they represent a Southwest style, because they have such attention to detail, they are popular all over the country.

creative cute succulent shaped wedding candle favors

Cheap Decorative Candle Wedding Favors and DIY Candle Lights Ideas


Cactus Tealight Candles, these are so cute! I always have a problem to arrange cactus pots on my window?

cactus candle lights in teapot holders wedding favor ideas

Cheap Decorative Candle Wedding Favors and DIY Candle Lights Ideas

Candle lighting is a lovely and fairly cheap way to add romantic accents into your weddings. Crafty brides like to create personalized wedding favors or decorations with simple small candles.

Candles by the Hour™  For Dad or Jonny Boy!

Candles by the Hour™ at Cabela's! Made from pure beeswax, it coils up from the burning plate to the clip. One inch is twenty minutes and it self extinguishes. Very nice---adds an artsy flair & useful during an emergency power outage.

Pyropet candles - cat

PyroPet is a family of animal shaped candles that each reveal a surprise within as they burn.

Hand Gesture Candles from Atelie.

Hand Gesture Candles from Atelier WM (Cast from Pharrell Williams' Hands

Hand gesture candles by Atelier WM are a line of colorful (in attitude and appearance) candles cast from real hands with a burn time of approximately 3 hrs

5 Ways to Use Crystals for Good Feng Shui in Your Home

beautiful succulents and amethyst green to purple from: Moon to Moon: Decorating with Crystals: Amethyst.