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Vast selection of....cats - Album on Imgur

Help keep the kitties cool! Our AC unit at Crash's Landing has died. We need to replace it. Please help us with this capital campaign to raise funds ASAP for a new one. Any amount helps!

And now...a white kitten hugging a yellow lab puppy. - Imgur

Who doesn't love to nap on a soft, fluffy pillow? Cats certainly do, especially if the pillow is a big, warm, soft dog. Cats and dogs may not get along very

Global Warming Kittie is on a Sacred Mission! http://cheezburger.com/9013732608

Hilariously funny cat pictures and memes to brighten up your day. Even cat haters can't resist laughing at these pictures!

nono-chan.                                                                                                                                                      もっと見る

Jut sitting here chilling, waiting for someone to pass by and pet me. Waiting, hmm still waiting.

Mark Twain and his cats [10 pictures] | 22 Words

Mark Twain and his cats [10 pictures]

Mark Twain's cats "Fast Asleep" photo by Elmira photographer Elisha M. VanAken, Cats still had his friendship when his life was suffused with grief.

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©CZM - 2010 (El Gato Gomez)

Mid Century Modern style artwork signed CZM by modern artist El Gato Gomez

Look at that face...

Look at that face...


"I'm hoping for a peaceful transition of power, but it's up to you" - Off the Mark cartoon by Mark Parisi