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If you are a bird lover and if your garden have some birds wandering around, looking for food, then you surly want to feed them and enjoy their singing every morning. Making some awesome and unique birdhouses is a great idea to take care of the birds and in the same time have a charming […]

Awesome DIY Bird Houses for A Garden

i might use food cans - not as sharp on the edges - Soda pop cans bird houses…

Coffee Can & Wood Scraps: Made a recycled coffee can and scraps of wood, super easy to clean at the end of season: just slip out the dowel and empty the can.

55 Free Birdhouse Plans, Bird Feeder and Bird Bath Building Projects and Backyard Bird Guides

So adorable! I can't wait to make this! I need to ask Lisa D. if I can have some corks!

Wine Cork Crafts

I love wine cork projects. Stop hiding your surplus of wine corks! Just a couple more bottles of wine and I'll have enough corks to finish my project.

Watering Can Birdhouse

I have seen several of the cans in local antique stores, I keep wanting to get them, but was not sure what I would use them for.