Loretta Young

Do you love vintage fashion and old Hollywood glamour? Let these famous old Hollywood Actresses give you tips on classic fashion, jewelry, and style.

Demi Moore and her daughter Rumer Willis

Famous Families: Like Mother, Like Daughter

Paul Newman with daughter Nell. 1968. Aww, my dad still calls me that name sometimes  :)

Paul Newman with daughter Nell, 1968 - I totally enlarged this photo to check what comic she's reading. Namor - the Sub-Mariner. That's a Marvel comic, baby!

Marilyn Monroe in Some Like It Hot

≡ Marilyn Monroe gif hunt ≡ “ Under the cut, you’ll find gifs of the beautiful Marilyn Monroe. None of these gifs are mine, and if they’re yours and you want them taken down, just shoot me a.

Mary Tyler Moore- died 1/25/17 She was 80. Thanks for the laughs and all the great examples of how to dress beautifully.

Mary Tyler Moore - Born: December Brooklyn, New York, USA Died: January Greenwich, Connecticut

Queen Letizia of Spain.

Queen Letizia of Spain.

Lisa Marie Presley & Riley Keogh

Celebrity Moms and Daughters: Lisa Marie Presley is a singer and a strummer, just like her famous father Elvis Presley. Daughter Riley Keough has a modeling career.

Maya Rudolph and her fabulous mom..... the legendary Minnie Ripperton ♥

Legendary singer Minnie Riperton her equally famous daughter actress/comedienne Maya Rudolph ♥