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DSA: Kor-Geweihter by miss-hena

Commission of a roleplaying character, a mercenary/warrior of sorts, with massive armour, in portrait pose.

AtLq29EpCSE.jpg (680×1009)

Good news RPG fans! inXile entertainment launches a new Kickstarter campaign to fund The Bard's Tale IV.

Skull & Shackles - Npcs - Epic Words

Rosie Cusswell: Short, fierce, and mouthy, she has been press-ganged into the crew of the Wormwood. Her temper has made her at odds with the officers and would be fast friends to anyone that could get her fiddle from the Quartermaster.

Der Seekriegsmagier - Ein neuer Charakter für die Hand Borons:

Gabriel ¨The Black Bird¨ Blankley, Human Sorcerer Hunter

Ich bin ein Buskur, holt mich hier raus! (Bild von )

Ich bin ein Buskur, holt mich hier raus! (Bild von )