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for my workspace!
for my workspace!

Details zu Werkzeugwagen mit 7 Schubladen, Profi Serie, grün, Werkstattwagen kugelgelagert

Von der Kinderzeichnung zum 3D-OBJEKT. 3D Printing Workshops
All About the Different Types of Plywood | DIY Carpentry & Woodworking - Crown Molding, Beadboard, Framing, Tools | DIY

All About the Different Types of Plywood


New office in 1-2-3! (Stylizimo blog)

Organizador para herramienta con puertas corredizas, unos cambios y perfecto para el patio exterior en la parte techada

Build an Organized Pegboard Tool Cabinet and Simple Workbench

DIY Panel Saw
Built a bigger and better "Drill Press Table."
My family gave me a benchtop drill press for a present. And even though I really wanted a bigger one, I decided it would be more considerate to make the smaller drill press act bigger than to return the gift. To make that happen, I mounted my drill press to a portable stand that I made out of 3⁄4 plywood. The movable shelf actually works better and faster than cranking the table up and down on a stationary press. And, because I mounted casters and handles to the stand, it’s more portable…