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The American Pitbull Terrier and American Staffordshire Terrier originated in the United States. The dog breed "pitbull" that seems so popular with identifying mixed breeds that look like this picture, does not exist.

If you’re lucky enough to share your life with a Pit Bull, or a dog who falls under the bully breed category, you know it takes a special kind of person to take on the challenge of loving a breed that has such an undeserved bad rep.

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Pit bull terrier American Staffordshire terrier puppy dog pittie - I used to be scared of them until I started watching Pitbulls and Parolees on Animal Planet

Pit bull, regardless of what anybody wants to think about them...they are some of the sweetest dogs i have ever met...we shouldnt be punishing the animal, but the human that is ignorant enough to raise them to fight...

I hate when people say that pitbulls are the most dangerous dogs because all dogs are the kindest.

Hey, mom! Mom, mom, mom, mooooooom!!! #formyloveofpitbulls

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I love this girl... how can people do that to animals?  Improper boxing of ears ='(

I love this girl. how can people do that to animals? Improper boxing of ears ='(

so sad, but true

I am a firm believer in it being the owners fault for how pits are looked at! A small dog could be aggressive as well just depends how they grown up. I know many people with pits that are great family dogs!

Pictures of Snickers a Pit Bull Terrier/Labrador Retriever Mix for adoption in Port Jervis, NY who needs a loving home.

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