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Oxysternon conspicillatum Female Real Framed Green Devil Beetle Archival Conservation Insect Display

Real Framed Rare Female Green Scarab Beetle Shadowbox Display 2520 More

"Fish-hook ant (Polyrhachis bihamata) - observed on a expedition to the Virachey National Park, Cambodia, 2007. think twice before messing with this large (1.5 cm) ant in the forests of Cambodia. The curved spines can easily slice through skin and tend to hold on for a while. These ants live in large numbers in nests in dead tree trunks on the forest floor, and when attacked they swarm out and hook onto each other, making extracting an individual ant by a predator difficult.

"Fish-hook ant (Polyrhachis bihamata) - observed on a expedition to the…

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Grasshopper, Painted - Dactylotum bicolor (KS) by MO FunGuy

Momentos_de_Ternura_-_Insecto_Sinaleiro..._3573207286817250.png (1391×1019)

Funny pictures about Party mantis. Oh, and cool pics about Party mantis. Also, Party mantis.

Trichopeplus laciniatus

What do You Think if Bugs That Look Like Roaches?

Deep in the cloud forests of Costa Rica this elaborately camouflaged Walking Stick insect mimics moss and lichen, its body festooned with chitinous projections of its exoskeleton.