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Darren in Girl Most Likely

Is it just me or does he look like hook from once upon a time!

Joey and Darren :) Darren 's wearing his pink sunglasses :)

Joey Richter Jaw and Darren Criss Curly Hair.) Cause together they're totally awesome!

Darren Criss at the FOX’s 2014 TCA’s

Darren Criss at the FOX’s 2014 TCA’s .

I actually was wearing head phones when he did thisXD It most definitely felt like he was in my headXD

I want to meet this guy so much! he is so awesome. and hes Supermegafoxyawesomehot. I you Darren Criss :)

You could tell he was so happy to be back, just being a goofball with his college buddies.

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