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Dan Clark US Marine Corps Vet Sings God Bless America at 2013 World Series

God Bless America: Retired Marine Sargent Hits a Home Run with His Rendition of “God Bless America” [VIDEO]

Soldiers Heavy Burden - American Heroes

May it be lightened by our love and support. God bless our soldiers!

We are naive if we think America & we have not already been blessed by God...and continue to be.

From the mountains, to the prairies, to the oceans, white with foam. God Bless America, my Home Sweet Home!

University of Missouri shooting team 1934

Women with their pistols at the ready: ladies champion’s team of the Missouri University shooting club

Women of Faith on Twitter: "There is no greater love than to lay ...

Women of Faith on

“There is no greater love than to lay down one's life for one's friends.

Let President Trump do his job, making America great again. We put up with Obama's BS for eight years.

Let President Trump do his job, making America the laughing stock of the world.

So many parades on Memorial Day. Check them out. Calendar of Events for Bucks, Montgomery, and Hunterdon Counties

The ones who blame America for all the wrongs in the world, are the first ones to demand free stuff.

Eagle with bowed head

Remember all the vets who have gone before us who died for our freedom and remember the active duty soldiers and the vets who are trying to adjust to being home after going through a lot of things we could never imagine. Thank you for your service.

But a Constitution of Government once changed from Freedom, can never be restored.  Liberty, once lost, is lost forever.  ~John Adams

John Adams, another one of those proud Founding Fathers that the worst president EVER, could care less about!


We are thankful for our men and women who fight for our freedom.