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"A Knock at the Door" - Illustration by AngiandSilas [a magical door covered in vines and gorgeous details and a woman with a cape getting ready to enter the world beyond]


Fantasy, Tim Burton, Fantasia

Blessed be...Tammie MoonOwl Luckadoo

Read Home Away From Home - Starr from the story Imperfect by JayFeatherReads (Jay Lee Housh) with 16 reads.


A selection of 14 beautiful photographs of Light Painting created by photographer Dennis Calvert. We often talked about light painting, but rare are the

A door to....  Source celedonian-vapour

My hand touched the water. “The water is coming”, I shouted, “Everybody! This is no river water, but magic!

Beautiful forest passage

Long ago it had been a clearing but over the years the forest had closed in, then closed over. The words on the stone slab were worn to smoothness and covered in thick moss. The spirit dwelt in peace beneath the green earth and was troubled no more.

Fireflys faerie magazine

The forest symbolizes the psyche and the hidden realms, the place of original experience. The dark or enchanted forest that very often appears as an image in fairy tales and dreams is a threshold symbol.

“Truth lives at the bottom of a well, and the well is very often muddy. We mustn’t be put off by the mud because the truth may be sitting there.